If you have a Shopfy store that you would like Spark Shipping to connect to for live inventory it can be done by doing the following.

Create a CSV Template

  1. In the Shopfiy Admin go to Online Store -> Themes 

  2. On your current theme go to ... -> Edit HTML/CSS 

  3. Select 'Add a new Template' 

  4. Create a new template for 'Collection' called 'csv' 

  5. Replace the code in collection.csv.liquid with:

    {% layout none %}

    {% paginate collection.products by settings.collection_ppp %}

    {% endpaginate%}

    SKU, Quantity, Cost, Product Name<br/>

    {% for product in collection.products %}

      {% for variant in product.variants %} 

        {{variant.id}}, {{variant.inventory_quantity}}, {{variant.price}}, {{product.title}} ({{variant.title}})<br/>

      {% endfor %}

    {% endfor %}

Create a Collection of all the Products

  1. Go to Products -> Collections -> Add A New

  2. Title = All Products
  3. Conditions -> Automatically select products based on conditions
  4. Inventory Stock is greater than -1 

  5. Template -> collection.csv 

  6. Save Collection 

Use the Collection as a Spark Shipping Inventory Feed

  1. Go to Products -> Collections -> All Product (click all products) -> View (top right)

  2. That will take you to your inventory new feed! 

  3. Copy this URL when setting up an inventory feed in Spark Shipping. 

  4. When creating a new Inventory Update in Spark Shipping select the HTTP as the Inventory Method and use the URL from above as the HTTP URL