Few important points to keep in mind before uploading an inventory file for any vendor successfully:

1. Make sure your products SKUs are correctly mapped to the vendor's SKUs. Make sure the csv mapping file contains no errors, i.e duplicate entries, typos, etc.. Mapping instructions can be found here.

2. Prepare the inventory file, make sure it contains no errors, i.e duplicate entries, typos, etc.. Upload a sample file, and click 'Update'. Then, you need to map the columns and update the settings.

3. Upload the inventory file manually. 

 Inventory Settings Notes: 

  • The delimiter field should be the same as in the inventory file. Delimiters can be commas, semicolons, pipe delimiter.. etc.
  • Checking the box for 'Update Inventory Quantity in Shopping Cart' will push the inventory update from your vendors feed to your shopping cart.
  • Setting a number for 'Shopping Cart Update Threshold' will make Spark Shipping skip updating quantities higher than this number, if the quantity at the vendors feed falls below this number, Spark Shipping will push the update to your shopping cart. This is helpful for reducing the number of API calls made to your site.
  • Setting a number for 'Out of stock threshold quantity' will make Spark Shipping set the quantity as 0 in your shopping cart if the quantity falls below this number in your vendors feed. This is helpful for avoiding over selling a product.