1. In Spark Shipping, go to the Vendors Page

2. Click on 'Add Vendor' under MWW On Demand

3. Map your products SKUs to MWW’s SKUs. Please refer to our support article for instructions.

4. Click on Update Vendor Settings and update the following:

  • Switch the Connection Mode to ‘Test’ and fill in the API Settings: API username and Password.
  • Fill in the 3rd Party Shipping Account Number (If you have one).
  • Fill in the required Billing info fields to be sent to MWW via API with each order (required by MWW).
  • Map your shipping methods* 

*We default the shipping method code to USPM (USPS Priority Mail), but If you have different shipping methods in your site that you’d like to use, you have the option to map them to MWW’s shipping codes, please refer to the attached MWW’s shipping codes document and our support article on how to map shipping methods. 

5. Click on Update Vendor.


How to pre-upload high resolution images for products in Spark Shipping:

1. Prepare a csv file of 3 columns: 

    1. Your Products SKUs 

    2. Vendor's SKUs

    3. Direct Links Images URLs (e.g. direct links from your web server, direct links from Dropbox, or similar)

2. Upload this file in the Inventory Section of the vendor's page.

Now, your MWW vendor is all set up in Test mode. Send a test order from your shopping cart, and check with your MWW rep if it’s received correctly. 

Please contact us at support@sparkshipping.com with any questions you have.