Spark Shipping allows you to map SKUs via as CSV bulk upload. This is best suited for when you're mapping many SKUs at one time.


Creating a Bulk SKU Mapping File

  1. Download the Vendor SKU Bulk Upload Template
  2. Make a copy of this .CSV for each Vendor
  3. Open each file in Excel (if available) 

    1. The ProductSku is the SKU from your store
      1. These SKUs are listed in the first column in Products
    2. The VendorSku is the SKU or other unique identifier (ex. part number) that your vendor uses to describe this product
  4. Add 1 row for each Product you would like to map to this vendor
  5. Save this Vendor's .CSV file 
  6. Repeat this process with a new file for each vendor

Uploading a Bulk SKU Mapping File

  1. Go to Vendors and click on the Vendor's name you would like to map SKUs to
  2. Click on Vendor SKU Bulk Upload 

  3. Add the specific CSV for this vendor (created in the section above)
  4. Press Upload 

  5. Spark Shipping will now map the SKUs from this file to this Vendor


  • If you're using the same SKU as your Vendor the ProductSku and VendorSku will be the same. This will simply map this Product to this vendor.
  • Depending on the size of the file it can take up to several minutes for the mapping file to be processed
  • Once SKUs are mapped to a vendor uploading another file will not remove/delete mappings. 
    • It will modify mapping for SKUs included in the file that are already mapped
    • It will create new mappings for SKUs included in the file that are not already mapped
  • The same SKU can be mapped to multiple Vendors