Spark Shipping allows you to map SKUs via the Dashboard. This is best suited for when you only need to map a small number of SKUs at one time.

Mapping a Single SKU

  1. Go to Products
  2. Find the product you would like to map and click on the product's SKU
  3. On the individual product page, click Edit (bottom left) 

  4. Switch the Vendor from Default Vendor (aka "unmapped") to the vendor you would like to map this product to 

  5. Set the SKU to the Vendor's SKU or other unique identifier (ex. Part Number) your vendors uses to refer to this product 

  6. Press Update Product (lower left) 

  7. Your product will now be mapped to the correct vendor.


  1. The Vendor SKU is used when sending orders to a vendor or getting inventory updates from a vendor